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Online Therapy

Take control of your mental health. Enjoy effective & affordable treatments specific to your symptoms from a licensed therapist, 100% online.

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Book your online session with one of our licensed therapists and experience effortless, adaptable scheduling through our entirely online system. Talk about whatever’s on your mind, as often as you like.
How It Works

Here's how online therapy with Haelf works:

  1. Complete your order: First, purchase your online therapy session.
  2. Get matched with a therapist: Following your purchase, you will receive an email (check your spam box too!) with instructions to schedule your online therapy with us. With less than a handful of clicks, you'll have your session with us scheduled.
  3. Start therapy: You're all set! Enjoy 100% online consultations. Receive ongoing support by your therapist through convenient subscription options - at your terms.
  4. Switch your provider (if desired): If your first therapist isn't a fit, simply select a new one at no additional cost.
Scientific Evidence

High-quality care backed by evidence Haelf partners with major research institutions to validate the quality of our treatment methods: 

  • 70% saw improvement of anxiety or depression symptoms within 3 months
  • 80% reported Haelf was more or equally effective as face-to-face therapy
  • 98% found Haelf to be more convenient than face-to-face therapy

Source: BMC Psychiatry, Journal of Telemedicine e-Health

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Online Therapy


How it works

Complete your order

First, book your online therapy with us by purchasing your treatment.

Get matched with a therapist

Following your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your online therapy with us.

Start therapy

Enjoy 100% online consultations. Receive ongoing support by your therapist through convenient subscription options - at your terms.

Whatever you’re going through, we have a treatment for you.

High-quality care backed by evidence

Saw improvement of anxiety & depression symptoms within 3 months.

Reported online therapy was as or more effective than in-person therapy.

Found online therapy to be more convenient than in-person therpay.

Haelf vs. in-person therapy

We make a broad set of mental health care types convenient and affordable, with no outside referrals required.

You might be wondering

How do I get matched with a therapist?

After you complete your purchase of your online session here at, you will receive an email with simple instructions to schedule your therapy session with your dedicated therapist. When choosing your preferred day and time for your first session, you’ll be matched with a therapist who is licensed in your country and who is likely to be a good fit for your needs. Haelf therapists are a diverse group with a wide range of specializations. If you don’t click with your therapist, it’s easy to switch.

Is online therapy effective?

Research indicates that online therapy, particularly through platforms like Haelf, has proven to be as effective, if not more so, than traditional face-to-face therapy. A study conducted by the Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health demonstrated the high effectiveness of text-based therapy on platforms like Haelf, showing it to be comparable to traditional therapy. Additionally, telemedicine enabled platforms like Haelf garnered greater satisfaction in terms of delivery, accessibility, and affordability.

How much does Haelf online therapy cost?

Our online session start at 99 for a 1 hour session. Ongoing subscriptions come at a discount, depending on your frequency of purchase.

What types of therapy can I access through Haelf?

Your therapist will collaborate with you to customize and tailor the treatment to meet your specific needs. This may involve incorporating various treatment approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and others that are most suitable for addressing your concerns. While certain specialized mental health services such as couples therapy, teen counseling, and pride counseling may not be offered, you are encouraged to openly share your thoughts with your therapist. They will leverage their expertise to provide effective care and resources. In addition to therapy, we also provide psychiatry services and offer on-demand content and general treatment information through our mobile app.

What is the difference between therapy and psychiatry?

Both therapy and psychiatry are integral components of a comprehensive mental health treatment plan. In therapy, licensed therapists collaborate with you to address personal challenges and formulate a tailored plan, though they do not have the authority to prescribe medication.

Psychiatry, as a medical specialty, focuses on prescribing and overseeing medication to alleviate mental health symptoms. Psychiatrists and psychiatric providers, licensed medical professionals with expertise in mental health treatment, offer psychiatric care services and personalized medication management.

What can I talk to my therapist about?

Your online therapy sessions are entirely personal—discuss anything that's on your mind. The licensed therapists on our platform can address and work on mental health issues that you choose to share. For instance, you may wish to explore topics such as symptoms of mental illness, sources of stress, challenges with focus and concentration, relationship issues, self-esteem, substance abuse, or concerns about eating disorders. All live video chat sessions are confidential, ensuring that you can trust your professional counselor with whatever you choose to share during these real-time sessions.

Do I need to have insurance coverage in oder to book Haelf's online therapy?


A benefit of utilizing counseling services on our online therapy platform is the consistent, fixed-rate pricing, irrespective of your health insurance coverage. In fact, you might discover that the expense of online therapy is more budget-friendly compared to face-to-face therapy or other conventional therapeutic methods, even with health insurance. The affordability of telehealth makes it an excellent choice if you seek psychotherapist services and wish to consult with a licensed therapist without coverage for in-person therapy under your insurance plan.

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"I was skeptical about online therapy at first, but it has been a game-changer for me."

Mariah J.
Verified Customer

"The convenience of scheduling sessions around my busy work schedule is priceless."

John S.
Verified Customer

"Depression had me feeling isolated, but this platform changed everything."

Christie B.
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The flexibility of scheduling counseling sessions on this platform is a game-changer for me. It fits perfectly into my busy life.


Being a parent to an infant, attending in-person therapy seemed overwhelming. This online option is stress-free, and I can check in whenever it suits me.


Unmatched convenience! I have a set time for my app, but knowing I can access it whenever needed is a comforting thought.


Haelf provided the flexibility I craved for counseling sessions—on my terms, at my pace. It's exactly what I needed.


Getting help instantly and from the comfort of home is truly amazing. Haelf has made it so accessible.

Dr. David Liu, PhD

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"Scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of online mental health therapy for treating anxiety, depression and more."

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